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Custom BY ME #12

Custom BY ME #12

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Custom By Me listings are listings that I create myself. Whether it be items I create from scratch, added designs, sets I put together, etc. everything is always brand new. Kind of of like a bundle deal that goes together. These items are one of a kind sets or items maybe that are hard to find. So there will be a limited supply of only a few per listing. Once it's sold, you may never see another listing like it again. Disclosure: NO RETURNS ON THESE ITEMS. As they are sourced from different manufactures, businesses and created or paired together. 

Description for this Listing 

21 Pairs of 420 Leaf socks in colors listed below   BEST FITS size 5-6                                                                  *Blue and White                         *Red and White                    *Purple and Yellow                                   *Neon Green And White            *Orange and White              *White and Green                                     *Pink and Red                             *Blue and Pink                      *Neon Green and Pink                                          *Blue and Red                             *Neon Orange White           *Pink,Yellow,Green & White                                                   *Black and Red                            *Gray and Black                  *Lime G,Green,Red & Purp                                             *Purple and Purple                      *Blue and Blue                    *Blue,Blue,Orange &Red         *Orange,Red,Green & Purp        *Purple,Red,Blue &Pink      *Black,Red,Green & Pink

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