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Custom BY ME #15

Custom BY ME #15

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Custom By Me listings are listings that I create myself. Whether it be items I create from scratch, added designs, sets I put together, etc. everything is always brand new. Kind of of like a bundle deal that goes together. These items are one of a kind sets or items maybe that are hard to find. So there will be a limited supply of only a few per listing. Once it's sold, you may never see another listing like it again. Disclosure: NO RETURNS ON THESE ITEMS. As they are sourced from different manufactures, businesses and created or paired together. 

Description for this Listing

11 Pairs of 420 Leaf/Design Footie Socks BEST FITS size 5-6                                           *Red & Green                                            *White & Blue                                                       *WEED                                                       *Green & Green                                                         *Black & Green                                          *Green Red & Black                                                                                                       *Emoji Leaf                                                 *No Speak Emoji                                                 *Alien                                                           *Black White & Green                                                                     *Purple

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